How to Order Translation on PhraseApp

Gengo’s human translation engine is integrated with Phrase, a translation management system for developers. The unique characteristics of Phrase that distinguish it from other translation management systems is that it features command-line tools and a sophisticated translation storage engine to manage content, making it well-suited for developers.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order a translation on Phrase.


1. Login to your Phrase account

If you don’t have a Phrase account yet, sign up here.


2. Create a project

You will need to fill out the project name, main format (Ruby/Rails YAML, Gettext, Gettext Template, Gettext Mo, Android Strings, or iOS Localizable Strings), and main technology (Ruby, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, iOS, or Android). Save when you’re done.



3. Add a locale

Click the Manage locales button. Enter a name for your locale and the language. Save when you’re done.


4. Upload your content

Click the ⬆️Upload file button. Grab the file, select the file format, and make sure Use existing locale is selected. After that, click on Import.



5. Create a style guide

You’re nearly ready to order your translation, but before you do, let’s create a style guide. Click the Style guides tab. Style guides provide instructions to translators on language use, composition, and orthography. You can use them to communicate to the translator on your preferences about the reading level, vocabulary choice, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. You could also specify whether you would like the translator to use American or British English, or write in an informal or business tone.

Keep in mind that the best way to ensure that you receive a high-quality translation from the translator is to provide as much contextual information as possible. Save when you’re done.

Phrase gives you a Public URL for your style guide, so you can share with other translators if needed.


6. Order translation

Click the Orders tab, then click the green Order Translations button. Select the source language for your project, then select the locale you created in step 3 for your target locale. Next, choose your quality level. Before submitting your order, you can check the word count and total cost. Use the message feed for any additional instructions for the translator. Next, add your style guide. Double-check your order, then click Continue. Finally, fill out the payment form, and then submit your order. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail when the translation is completed.


If you still have questions about ordering a translation on Phrase, our awesome customer support team can answer them.


Ready to order a translation on Phrase? Contact us to get started.

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