Gengo’s crowd platform is optimized to give customers a fast translation. With thousands of translators in all time zones, new jobs can be picked up and translated in just minutes, no matter what time of day or day of the week.

While many other services make claims about speed, we’re going one step further and showing you our data—the same data that our teams use to measure performance and to make improvements—so you can see for yourself.

Order Length (Word Count)

As mentioned above, most Gengo orders are short. The majority of our orders are under 250 words (approximately half a page), which is a completely different demand profile to a traditional translation agency. Traditional agencies prefer long, multi-page orders, because they have high overheads and complex project management flows, so they charge high minimum fees, discouraging customers from placing short orders. In contrast, Gengo charges no minimum fees and works efficiently with projects of any size. This changes the way our customers use translation, allowing them to communicate casually and freely.