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Japanese to English translation tips: Avoiding false cognates

Unlike translating between languages from the same family, a pitfall in Japanese to English translation is false cognates, where the target word is unmoored from its original context. Usually, when we think about false cognates within the same language family, such as in Indo-European languages, ...


How to maintain and improve language proficiency for your career

Learning a foreign language entails a great deal of motivation and hard work. But the next big challenge stems from maintaining language proficiency and keeping skills fresh, particularly when language is your source of income. Even when you’ve reached a level of fluency, most language learners m...


How to write the ideal translator’s CV

Gengo is a stepping stone for many new freelance translators who are trying to gain more experience and opportunities to hone their craft. Once you’ve acquired valuable translation know-how, you’ll be ready to embrace more challenges and apply to other translation agencies. Crafting a strong, org...


Five unique Japanese traditions in autumn

As ancient and traditional as Japan is, there are a multitude of sights, sounds, and tastes associated with each season, and fall is no exception. After the oppressive heat and humidity of summer, people start opening their windows, turning off their A/C’s, and spending as much time outdoors as t...


Facts you should know about the freelance economy

Freelancing is an increasingly popular trend and if we look at the latest reports and statistics, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. As talent becomes increasingly mobile, the freelance economy is transforming workplaces and driving companies to tap into a global talent pool and adopt new t...


Seven amusing Filipino expressions and how to use them

The Philippines has a rich linguistic diversity, with a total of 187 native languages and dialects and two official languages, Filipino and English. Filipino, the national lingua franca based on Tagalog, has evolved in unique ways over time. Originally spoken only in the capital city of Manila an...


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