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The rapidly evolving IT industry demands high-quality translation and localization services that will help companies communicate their message to global markets. With proven experience in advanced technology localization and translation services, Gengo is trusted by some of the world’s leading technology companies. We understand that meeting the international demands for your products on every type of device in multiple languages is paramount to your growth and success.

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Documentation translation

For the translation of technical documentation, ensuring consistency, correct terminology, and technical accuracy are top priorities for our team of skilled translators.

Customer support translation

Got international customers? No need to hire multilingual support agents—Gengo’s cost-effective and scalable translation in over 70 language pairs allows your customer service team to reply to customer inquiries and provide customer support documentation in your users’ native languages.

Websites & apps translation

Our professional translators are experienced at translating highly technical content for your businesses’ website, mobile application as well as user interfaces and software interfaces for project management and e-learning systems.

AI training translation

We support technical documentation translation for custom datasets for training artificial intelligence. Our global workforce of over 20,000 certified translators can deliver required training data, process existing data, perform system testing, as well as validate results for various fields of application.

Our technology & software customers

This global education global education technologies company that develops, integrates and implements learning environments turned to Gengo for website and app translation—including knowledge base articles—in multiple language pairs.

This multinational technology company wasn’t seeing a return on investment when using machine translation for their translation needs. Gengo was able to help with expert, human translations for e-learning content on their Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) platform. MVA offers free IT training for developers, IT pros, data scientists, and students.

With a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services, Oracle needed EMEA-related social media posts in numerous European language pairs. We were happy to help with professional, high-quality and accurate translations.

This Dutch enterprise software company initially asked Gengo to help with a small project in just one language pair. So impressed by our high quality and fast turnaround, we completed large-scale website and app localization in 16 language pairs.

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