people + API

How to get started

1Create dev account

Our sandbox environment lets you simulate the actions of placing and receiving real orders.

2Grab API keys

Generate a set of API keys in the accounts section of our developer site.

3Test a translation

Send some content to the sandbox environment, have it machine translated and sent back to your system.


Client libraries

Get going in minutes with fully-functional libraries for Python, PHP, Ruby, Java and more.

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Getting started

Explore the basics of using the Gengo API with our simple walkthrough.

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API methods

Complete documentation of all Gengo API calls, including helpful code examples.

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Sandbox testing

Test your application safely using the Gengo Sandbox, a reproduction of the live API.

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The flow

Send files or text over the API, and we’ll allocate them to one or more of our translators. We can trigger a callback, or you can poll for updates until the job is complete.

You send a request (a “job”) via the Gengo API.

We allocate the job to our translators.

A translator picks up the job and starts working.

When complete, you retrieve the job via API.

You approve the completed translation.

Volume pricing with the API

API users receive a substantial discount versus website users. This saves you money, and allows you to re-sell translation and earn a revenue share if you wish without conflicting with Gengo’s website pricing.

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