For nearly a decade, Gengo has been committed to providing its customers with high-quality translation services.

Customer satisfaction rating of 97.6%

Meet our translators

All translators working on the Gengo platform are carefully chosen and rigorously tested to ensure our customers get the best translation quality.

All translator candidates are required to go through a multi-phased testing process which includes a multiple choice test and a written translation test that is created and individually reviewed by our expert team of professional Language Specialists.


Applicant pass rate

The quality assurance process

By embedding systemized workflows within the translation process, we ensure high quality translation at scale. Our numbers prove it: 950+ million units translated for 65,000+ clients, with more than 98.8% of jobs approved by customers.



Style guide & glossary creation (enterprise customers only)

We can leverage your company’s pre-built glossaries and style guides, or we can help you create resources to help boost the quality and consistency of your translations across projects.

Smart project allocation

As the Gengo system knows who is qualified for what type of job, the Gengo platform automatically distributes jobs to the right translators. Translators are given priority access based on level selected by customer, “preferred” translator status, and project-specific test results.




All translations are carried out on our proprietary workbench, with a number of built-in features to boost quality and consistency.
  • Translators and customers communicate directly, ensuring your translation meets your exact needs.
  • Customers can attach images or videos to the project as a whole or to specific strings for additional context.

Automated quality checks

All ongoing translations are actively monitored by an automated validation system. Designed to detect issues as the translators work, it highlights and gives suggestions on the following:
  • Spellcheck
  • Number accuracy
  • Code elements and tags
  • Glossary adherence

Double-pass (optional)

A second, independent linguist reviews and edits a translation for accuracy, natural flow in the target language and adherence to customer instructions.



Additional systematic checks

All translations pass through a machine translation (MT) validation to ensure they were completed by human linguists. Translations are also constantly checked at random by Language Specialists using GoCheck, our internal quality checking platform.

Final approval by customer

The completed translation is delivered back to the customer to confirm all requirements were fulfilled.

How Gengo judges translation quality

100+ language specialists review each translator

100+ language specialists review each translator

100 language specialists across all language pairs perform human reviews around the clock using GoCheck, a proprietary quality checking platform, to assess translation quality. Based on the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF), GoCheck calculates a translation’s quality score based on error count, error type, error severity and word count.
Quality scoreboards

Quality scorecards

In addition to reviews of individual jobs, each Gengo translator receives an overall quality score—a moving average based on a number of recent reviews, weighted by recency and text length. For a more accurate measurement, scores for larger and more recent jobs are weighed more heavily than older and smaller jobs. Translators who consistently submit quality translations are able to access higher tiered jobs that require more experience.
Translator education

Translator education

Alongside assessing translation quality, we use these reviews to provide continued feedback to our translators, enabling them to learn and develop their skills. Gengo actively encourages our translators to develop their translation skills on an ongoing basis. We provide all translators with access to guides on translation fundamentals, tools and training materials to help them fine-tune their skills.
Demotion process

Demotion Process

It is our policy to effectively respond to all customer concerns regarding translation quality, and to resolve issues as efficiently as possible. If a translator is found to be performing below our quality standards, we quickly act to remove them from the system.

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A message from our CEO

Our commitment to ensuring customers receive the right quality is an integral part of the Gengo ethos. We were founded in Japan, a country with great pride in service and workmanship — if you’ve traveled through Japan, you know exactly what I mean! This environment has no-doubt influenced our culture, and we’re proud to share it with the world. I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with Gengo’s approach to quality and service, and we look forward to working with you!
Matthew Romaine, CEO
Matthew Romaine, CEOMatthew Romaine, CEO

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