Multilingual customer service is a key part of a successful globalization strategy. A world-class support system has the power to build lasting relationships with your customers and ultimately increase global profits.


Adobe and Airbnb are just a few of the global companies that use Zendesk’s powerful help desk software. And with the Gengo-powered Transfluent plugin, a single support agent can easily handle multilingual customer inquiries across multiple languages, right on the Zendesk dashboard.

Using the Transfluent plugin, agent responses are quickly translated by Gengo’s professional translators so that the end customer receives messages in their own language. Multilingual support helps you build respect and trust between your brand and your customers.

  • Order from 21,000+ translators worldwide
  • Prices starting from $0.05/word
  • Receive translations back in a few hours
  • 70+ language combinations

Gengo is your friction-free solution to high-quality
 professional translations


With 21,000+ qualified translators working in all time zones, new jobs are picked up and translated in minutes, no matter what time or day of the week.



Using rigorous multi-phased screening and ongoing review processes, Gengo produces high-quality human translation at ⅙ the cost of a traditional agency.



Low, per-word costs from $0.05. Translate all your campaigns without breaking the bank. No contracts, no upfront fees, no negotiation.

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