Why choose Gengo? Gengo provides professional translation services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have vast experience translating a wide range of content types.

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Excellent quality

Not only are all our translators evaluated on an ongoing basis, but our translation platform also features embedded validation checks to ensure consistent quality at scale.

Scale-friendly pricing

Proprietary project management tools allow us to streamline operations and reduce overhead, so we can extend the lowest possible rates to our customers.

Fast turnaround

Our translation platform is built for processing high volumes of content at speed. Currently, our system automatically distributes 1000s of orders to translators each week, many of which are picked up in minutes.

Translation technology

Translation memory (TM)

Translation memory matches segments that have previously been translated, and then reuses them so you don’t pay for the same translation twice. This customer-specific tool is self-learning by nature, allowing for the system to increase the quality and speed of translation over time.

Automated quality checks

The Gengo translator dashboard contains triggers that set human and automated quality checks in motion. Our validation system operates in the background to check and highlight potential issues while the translator works. In addition, nearly 100 language specialists use GoCheck, a proprietary quality metric developed by Gengo, to objectively mark different linguistic and stylistic errors.

Streamlined project management

A variety of proprietary, internal tools give project managers and translator operations specialists full control over project administration, job distribution, and crowd management, allowing for a high degree of flexibility on top of the otherwise automated platform.

Available languages

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Certified customer reviews

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers about their experience using the Gengo platform. Listed here are real reviews, ratings, and comments that customers have left after they received their completed translation. Where a Quality Score of 3 or greater was received, the comment is marked in green, otherwise it is marked in red.