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Chinese language facts

  • With nearly 1.3 billion native speakers worldwide, about 15% of the world’s population speaks a dialect of Chinese as their native tongue.
  • Written Chinese dates back over 3,000 years. It consists of more than 20,000 distinct characters.
  • Chinese is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, along with Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  • The Chinese language has seven major dialect groups, and each has its own variations. Mandarin dialects are spoken by 71.5 percent of the population.
Chinese translation tips
Traditional vs Simplified Chinese

There are two distinct versions of written Chinese. At the end of the nineteenth century, In an effort to increase the literacy rate, the People’s Republic of China simplified the written language. Thus, two versions of written Chinese came into being: Traditional and Simplified. Depending on your target market, it is fairly straightforward to decide which to use based on geographic location. As a general rule, Simplified Chinese is the standard writing form used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. On the other hand, the Traditional form is primarily used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Avoid machine translation

Beware of using machine translation (MT), especially when translating within the English to Chinese and Chinese to English language pairs. English and Chinese come from completely unrelated language groups, making them vastly different from each other not just in terms of linguistics and grammar, but also culturally and socially. Therefore, translation to and from Chinese requires a great deal of creativity and experience, which machine translation inherently lacks.

Chinese translation services

Gengo is a leading provider in professional Chinese translation. With thousands of professional English to Chinese translators located worldwide, no other translation company can provide fast and high quality Chinese business translation at a more competitive rate. We currently deliver hundreds of Chinese translation projects each month, easily and at scale.

Our areas of expertise

For your business to succeed in the challenging Chinese market, you’ll need to translate all your content quickly, efficiently and affordably. Gengo supports professional Chinese translation of a wide range of document and content types, including:

  • Chinese website localization
  • Online news articles
  • Chinese app localization
  • Travel listings and guides
  • Marketing copy, ads and social media
  • Chinese document translation
  • Chinese game localization
  • Ecommerce product description translation
  • Chinese customer support materials
  • Emails, letters and more
Quality you can trust

Our translator community has deep experience translating to and from Traditional and Simplified Chinese. All our translators are thoroughly tested for quality and skill in their language pair and are continually evaluated and rated after each project. In addition, we can create custom translator teams from our pool of native speakers for your unique project, ensuring you get the best quality and consistency across projects.

Simple pricing

Choose between two different levels of quality to match your needs. Enjoy simple, per-word pricing with no contracts, no upfront fees, and no negotiation. Learn more about our pricing.

Speed and scale

Need Chinese translation, fast? Reach the world’s Chinese speakers in just hours with Gengo. As a leading provider of English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation, we process millions of words to and from Chinese each month, easily and at scale.

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I’ve been impressed with the quality and speed of the translations that Gengo delivers.
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