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Japanese language facts

  • Japanese is the official and main language spoken by roughly 127 million people in Japan.
  • Unlike English, which is closely tied to Romance and Germanic languages, Japanese is not closely related to any other major language.
  • The Japanese written language is considered one of the world’s most difficult to learn, with 4 distinct systems of writing: kanji, hiragana, katakana and romaji.
  • Japanese is the 9th most-spoken language worldwide, but it’s the third-largest language on the Internet, behind English and Spanish.
Japanese translation tips
Know your audience

It’s extremely important to define your target audience in Japan. Unlike English, the Japanese language has many levels of politeness depending on who the audience is in relation to the speaker. Japanese makes extensive use of honorifics, which involve adding suffixes to words in order to show various degrees of respect.

In particular, English business writing tends to be much less formal than Japanese. Therefore, word-for-word translation from English into Japanese may read as rude. Therefore, it’s important to work with native Japanese translators with intimate knowledge and experience with the Japanese language, culture, as well as different levels of formality.

Avoid machine translation

So far, no machine translator does a good job at translating whole sentences into native-sounding Japanese. More often than not, machine translation from English to Japanese or Japanese to English is unnatural or incomprehensible. While machine translation is useful for translating words, phrases or getting the gist of a short text, it’s far from business-ready.

Japanese translation services

Gengo is the leading provider in professional Japanese translation. With thousands of professional English to Japanese translators worldwide, no other translation company can provide fast and high quality Japanese translation at a more competitive rate.

Our areas of expertise

If your business wants to succeed in the Japanese market, the best practice is for all your content to be translated, no matter what content type. Gengo supports Japanese translation for a wide range of document and content types, including:

  • Japanese website localization
  • Japanese app localization
  • Japanese document translation
  • Japanese game localization
  • Ecommerce product description translation
  • Online news articles
  • Marketing copy, ads and social media
  • Travel listings and guides
  • Customer support translation
  • Emails, letters and more
Quality you can trust

Gengo is dedicated to producing accurate translations that suit the style and intent of your original text. Each and every one of our translators are qualified native speakers with deep experience translating to and from Japanese.

Simple pricing

Choose between two different levels of quality to match your needs. Enjoy simple, per-word pricing with no contracts, no upfront fees, and no negotiation. Learn more about our pricing.

Speed and scale

Reach the world’s 125 million Japanese speakers in just hours with Gengo. With millions of words translated to and from Japanese just last month, Japanese is one of our most popular languages.

Trusted by global companies

I’ve been impressed with the quality and speed of the translations that Gengo delivers.
Jeff Chin, Product Manager at Google
The Huffington Post
Vestiaire Collective


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