Professional Arabic Translation

Arabic language facts

  • There are more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the world.
  • Arabic is the official language for the 22 countries that form the Arab League.
  • With roots dating back to as early as the 1st century, the Arabic language is at least 1500 years old.
  • The English features many loanwords acquired either directly or indirectly from Arabic, such as alcohol, algebra and algorithm.
Arabic translation tips
Formatting implications (RTL vs LTR)

As a Semitic language, Arabic is written from right-to-left, as opposed to the left-to-right format used in English. For website localization projects in particular, this discrepancy can have a measurable effect on page layout and user interface. For example, for Arabic webpages, table columns usually must be reversed and graphics will appear “flipped”.

Know your audience

Different variants of the Arabic language are spoken in different regions around the world, most commonly throughout northern Africa and the Middle Eastern nations. Therefore, prior to translating from English into Arabic, it’s crucial to first identify the regional locale of your target audience for maximum impact.

Arabic translation services

Gengo is a leading provider in professional English to Arabic translation. With thousands of professional English to Arabic and Arabic to English translators located worldwide, no other translation company can provide fast and high quality Arabic translation at more competitive rates.

Our areas of expertise

If you want to succeed in Arabic speaking markets, you’ll need to translate all your content into the language. Gengo supports translation of a wide range of document and content types, including:

  • Arabic website localization
  • Product description translation
  • User review translation
  • Travel listings & guides
  • Arabic game localization
  • Arabic app localization
  • Online media, articles and blog translation
  • Marketing copy, ads & social media
  • Arabic document translation
  • Letters, emails & more
Quality you can trust

All of our professional Arabic translators are thoroughly tested for quality and skill and are continually evaluated and rated after each project. In addition, we can create custom translator teams from our pool of native speakers based on geographic location or specialty content types for your unique project, ensuring you get the best quality and consistency.

Simple pricing

No other translation company can provide fast and high quality translation at a more competitive rate. When ordering on our platform, you’ll only pay for what you translate—no minimum spend, setup fees or hidden costs. Learn more about our pricing.

Speed and scale

Need Arabic translation, fast? Reach the world’s 300 million Arabic speakers in just a few hours with Gengo. We provide fast, affordable and reliable Arabic translation rapidly, no matter what volume.

Trusted by global companies

I’ve been impressed with the quality and speed of the translations that Gengo delivers.
Jeff Chin, Product Manager at Google
The Huffington Post
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