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Details are critically important in legal matters. Modern legal translation services must provide accurate translations in multiple languages, handle thousands of documents, and address variables that range from site restrictions to tight filing deadlines.

Combined services by Gengo and Lionbridge can meet all your legal translation needs. As a trusted partner for legal localization services, our comprehensive solutions address various simple and complex legal matters. And you can tailor the solutions to address your specific requirements and challenges.

Let Gengo’s translators provide timely and accurate legal document translation for straightforward documents in numerous areas. For more complex matters, turn to Lionbridge’s legal translators. Together, Gengo and Lionbridge offer a complete solution.

Explore Legal Content Types and How To Best Processes Their Translations

Simple Legal Content

The following types of content fall into the category of simple legal content.

This material is straightforward and typically requires no special instructions when ordering translations.

You may order translations for this content without assistance online via the Gengo ordering platform. Translators in the Gengo crowd provide simple legal document translation services.

Terms & Conditions

Terms of service documents are standard legal texts that outline the rules of your business, service, or promotional offer to users. Gengo translators take the utmost care to accurately translate this type of content to ensure your company makes representations as intended.

Short Sales & Services Agreements

Short sales and services agreements are understandings between two people or businesses whereby one party agrees to provide specified products or services to another party.

The text includes a description of the services or items to be provided, the frequency of services, their cost, delivery date, and schedule.

When working globally, stakeholders must translate these legal documents to ensure all parties understand the expected sale or service. Gengo translators get the job done.

Complex Legal Content

The following content falls under the category of complex legal content.

As the name suggests, this type of content is more complicated than the material that falls under simple legal content. Complex legal content often includes technical terminology, and translations are generally more involved.

Lionbridge legal translation experts are ready to assist you with the ordering process to ensure we effectively execute your translations.

Professional translators in the Lionbridge Trainslation Community™  handle complex legal content. These translators are subject matter experts and are especially suited for these translations.

Complex Contracts

Contracts may be complex because they set forth specific terms and contain more extended boilerplate legal provisions, which are inherently complicated. Additionally, the legal definitions of terms or common use understandings often vary by country.

Lionbridge provides certified translations of contracts accepted by courts and government bodies worldwide. We can translate contracts and other legal documents for corporations, law firms, and private individuals.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Trademarks & copyrights are a form of intellectual property. A copyright protects exclusive rights of a work in a fixed medium, while a trademark grants exclusive rights to use a name, logo, or tagline.

Intellectual property is a complex area of the law, and provisions addressing intellectual property will be inherently complicated, with special terms specific to each country’s laws.

With our professional legal translation services and our highly skilled workers, Lionbridge can help you obtain, protect, and enforce copyrights and trademarks with greater ease and efficiency.


Patents are another category of intellectual property that protects an invention.

Patent documents contain legal complexity and often have scientific and technical content.

Lionbridge’s expert translators can translate patent applications, office actions, and patent litigation documents.

Licenses & Permits

Licenses and permits are grants by governmental agencies allowing a party to own and operate a specific type of business. They apply to numerous industries in every country and can be issued at the national or local level.

The language in these documents is often specific to a local custom and law and frequently contains technical terms.

Lionbridge provides translation services for licenses and permits in 70+ language pairs.

Our Legal Customers

This leading media company with film, television and digital, and comics divisions used Gengo to translate terms and conditions for their movie promotions. Our team of dedicated translators delivered translations across six language pairs, meeting the customer’s tight deadlines. 

Experts in IT service management, Valorem Consulting hired Gengo to translate industry-specific content central to their Value Discovery Workshop pre-sales program. Their innovative tool helps Microsoft employees and partners make the business case for Office 365 by enabling them to create a step-by-step assessment of process improvement opportunities tied to business objectives, identify the relevant Office 365 capabilities, and automatically generate the right set of customized workshop content.

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Global legal practices count on Lionbridge, including the following types of firms:

  • 92% of the Global 100
  • 94% of the AmLaw 100
  • 100% of the World’s Top 75 law firms

In addition, Expertise.com named Lionbridge to its 2023 list of Best Legal Marketing Companies in Boston.

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