Getting started

Anyone can start translating with Gengo by passing our translation tests. This resource is a must-read before you start any test.

  • Testing process
  • How to pass
  • Common reasons for rejection

Translation rules and preferences. Follow these basic rules in all translations unless instructed otherwise.

  • Target language-grammar
  • Formatting and punctuation
  • Translation tips

Gengo guides

Processes are important to translation work. This guide introduces a basic process to improve quality and efficiency.

  • Key translation steps
  • Resources to help along the way
  • Importance of proofreading

Further develop your communication style to deliver a smooth customer experience.

  • The link between communication and translation quality
  • When and how to approach the customer
  • What to do in a difficult situation

Rules for translating code and code-related elements.

  • How to handle <b>HTML tags</b>, [[[triple brackets]]] and {1}deflated HTML tags{/1}
  • Common errors
  • Recognizing uncommon code

Not all source text is written perfectly. This guide explains how to handle common issues in the source text, with helpful examples.

  • Introducing 10 typical mistakes found in the source text
  • What are the Dos and Don'ts?
  • Clear instructions and examples
  • What are placeholders, and how do we work with them?
  • How this relates to our translations
  • Helpful links

A guide on avoiding the common pitfall of producing translations that sound translated.

  • Understanding literal translation and how to avoid it
  • Can you spot the difference between a natural and literal text?
  • The key is reading just the target text
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