Prepare your text for translation

Ensure your text is error-free

The quality of a translation starts with the original text. For the best results, start off with making sure your text is free of any spelling and grammatical errors.

Use plain text to get better and faster results

When ordering, you’ll have the option to either upload a file or paste text directly into our order form. We recommend ordering jobs via plain text so you can leverage Gengo’s powerful workbench and integrated translation tools. By doing so, you can achieve higher quality, consistency and up to 3x faster turnaround.

Provide clear instructions and resources

*Head on over to our Quality Policy page before ordering to make sure your content aligns with our accepted content types.

Clear and complete instructions

Every translation needs guidance from the customer. After choosing languages on the order form, fill in the “Instructions for the Translator” section and tell the translator what you need: should the numbers be formatted a certain way? Should any words remain untranslated, like a company name? Should the audience be addressed formally or in a friendly manner? Instructions help your translator to understand your expectations and ultimately empowers them to provide the best translation possible.

Helpful resources and references

For high quality and accuracy, providing context and relevant information to your translator is a must. Add everything from links to your website, screenshots to your app to additional background information about your project. If you have any specific requests, let the translator know in the comments.

If you have more in-depth instructions or want certain terms translated a certain way, you may need to create a longer style guide or glossary for your project. For more information, contact our sales team.

Help your translator along the way

Collaboration is key

High quality translation is best achieved when you and your translator work together. Translators often need clarification on parts of the text, so look out for any questions and kindly address them. All questions from translators will appear on your dashboard and in your email.

If you can’t be available to review these comments and questions, please indicate so in your instructions. Both you and your translators’ identities remain anonymous.

Review your translation


When you receive your completed translation, you will have 120 hours to review it. You’ll also have the option to request revisions if you’d like any changes to be made. When requesting revisions, be sure to give your translator specific instructions as to which parts need to be revised.

Valuable feedback

After approving the translation, we’d appreciate your feedback and any suggestions that can help us improve.