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Finnish translation tips

Provide context

It’s important to keep in mind that Finnish contains no grammatical gender or definite and indefinite articles (ex: which, every, or both). For translators, this means that reflecting gender, exact amounts, or specific entities in an English to Finnish translation may be trickier and require a little more context in order to get an accurate translation.

Formal vs. informal

There are two primary versions of the modern Finnish language: formal and informal. The standard language yleiskieli is more formal while the spoken language puhekieli is more casual. The former is used in more formal situations like texts and writing, while the latter refers more to the spoken language used in everyday situations and in pop culture, like sitcoms. Translators should consider these two variations depending on the type of content they are working with when translating English to Finnish.

Finnish language facts

  • Finnish is spoken by over 5 million people in the world — around 90% of the Finland population claim it as their first language while nearly 1 million of the Russian and U.S. population also speak it.
  • Finnish is also an official minority language in Sweden, and there are also significant Finnish-speaking minorities in Norway, Estonia, Brazil, Russia, the United States, and Norway.
  • The Finnish language is comprised of 15 cases (various inflections, tenses, etc.) for nouns.
  • There are two main dialects of the language: Western and Eastern. While pronunciation and rhythm vary by dialects, the vocabulary and grammar are relatively similar, making it seamless for both western and eastern speakers to understand one another.

Finnish translation services

Gengo is a leading provider in professional Finnish translation. With thousands of qualified translators onhand for your English-Finnish business translations, no further. Our English to Finnish translators have been professionally vetted and will work to deliver your project with accuracy and scale.

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When you use Gengo, you’ll get access to hundreds of native Finnish translators who are deeply knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to translating from English to Finnish.

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Gengo offers only the most affordable prices. Our rates are some of the most competitive translation prices in the industry for your cost-effective translation projects. Learn more about our pricing.

Speed and scale

For your high volume Finnish translation needs, Gengo has you covered. With professional and ready translators all over the world, rest assured that all your timely projects are our highest priority.

Our areas of expertise

To help your business succeed in the Finnish market, we provide a wide range of document and content types including:

  • Finnish website localization
  • Finnish mobile app localization
  • Finnish game localization
  • Finnish product description translation
  • Customer support translation
  • Marketing copy, ads and social media
  • News articles and entertainment
  • Travel listings and guides
  • Finnish document translation
  • Emails, letters and more
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