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Serbian translation tips

Know your audience

When spoken, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian are extremely similar, their minor differences comparable to those between British, American and Australian English. However, when written, there are small spelling and grammar differences that translators should be aware of in order to produce fully localized and engaging content.

Latin vs. Cyrillic script

Serbia uses both a Latin and Cyrillic script, making the language a rare case of synchronic digraphia. The government generally uses the Cyrillic script, whereas the media are free to choose either and the general population is fairly evenly split between which one they prefer. Competitor research can help companies decide which script to use when localizing content for the Serbian market.

Serbian language facts

  • Serbian is the official language of Serbia with an estimated 12 million speakers, predominantly in Serbia itself.
  • Serbian shares many similarities with Bosnian and Croatian, primarily due to their close historical connections.
  • Serbian belongs to the South Slavic language grouping, a subset of the Slavic grouping which is itself a subset of the Indo-European language family.
  • One of the earliest records of Serbian literature is “Miroslav’s Gospel”, which dates back to approximately 1192.

Serbian translation services

Gengo is a trusted provider of Serbian translation services. Our combination of quality, efficiency and affordability provides the economic advantage our customers are looking for.

Quality you can trust

Content that is fully localized and engaging is essential to accessing Serbian speaking markets. Gengo’s native-speaking, experienced translators can guarantee translations with the quality to achieve this.

Simple pricing

With no hidden fees, contracts or negotiation, our pricing system is simple and fully transparent. We charge per word, meaning you know exactly how much you’re going to pay before any work gets started. Plus, with different pricing tiers, you can choose the level of service that best suits you and your project. Learn more about our pricing.

Speed and scale

Gengo uses sophisticated technology to bring you the highest quality translations at speeds our competitors simply cannot deliver. No matter how small or large your project, Gengo is on hand to help.

Our areas of expertise

Gengo’s professional translators are experienced in tackling a wide range of projects, no matter the size or specifications. Some of our most commonly requested content types include:

  • Serbian website localization
  • Serbian mobile app localization
  • Serbian game localization
  • Serbian product description translation
  • Customer support translation
  • Marketing copy, ads and social media
  • News articles and entertainment
  • Travel listings and guides
  • Serbian document translation
  • Emails, letters and more
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