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How can I get the best translation services?

Translation quality can be highly subjective. Many times, there is no one “correct” translation of a text. Both translators and customers might struggle to objectively assess quality when there is so much subjectivity involved. Most professional translators and customers would agree that a good t...


16 Best Translation Management Systems

Translation management systems are essential for managing high volumes of translation projects. If you’re planning to translate your website or product, perhaps you’ve already considered using a translation management system. But did you choose the right translation management system for your spe...


What is a translation management system?

A translation management system (TMS), also known as globalization management system (GMS), is a tool that automates the human translation process as much as possible. Translation management systems aim to allow human translators to work efficiently by automating administrative and non-essential ...


Post-edited machine translation (PEMT) and the evolving role of translators

Predicted to hit $1.5 billion by 2024, the machine translation market has shown steady growth over recent years as more and more businesses aim to go global. The rising demand for location-based content across industries such as e-commerce, electronics, travel and hospitality drives translation a...


Introducing Gengo’s transcription service

As we entered 2018 with new goals and an innovation-focused product roadmap, we’re excited to be on the right track for the first quarter. Last December, we rolled out our new transcription service to position Gengo as a multi-service platform. This service leverages the skills and capabilities o...


Five workbench features to make translation easy

At Gengo, our workbench works hard with our translators around-the-clock. We are committed to making sure our company’s “engine” is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. In our last update, we improved the comments section, site navigation, and mobile-responsiveness of the translator wor...


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