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Introducing Gengo’s transcription service

As we entered 2018 with new goals and an innovation-focused product roadmap, we’re excited to be on the right track for the first quarter. Last December, we rolled out our new transcription service to position Gengo as a multi-service platform. This service leverages the skills and capabilities o...


Five workbench features to make translation easy

At Gengo, our workbench works hard with our translators around-the-clock. We are committed to making sure our company’s “engine” is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. In our last update, we improved the comments section, site navigation, and mobile-responsiveness of the translator wor...


Key strategies for translating proper nouns

Summer is here, welcoming in another installment of your quality updates. We’d like to introduce three basic translation strategies and how to use them to avoid some common translation errors. Going through your translation, you’ll inevitably see one of these pop up – a proper noun. Transla...


Gengo ❤️ Payoneer: A new translator payment option

Updated on 12 April 2018 Every month, we send payments to thousands of translators located in over 140 countries across the globe. Translators depend on easily accessible payments so we’ve made fast and reliable payments our top priority. For this reason, we’re happy to announce a partnership wit...


Tips for translating from Chinese to English Part 2: Avoiding common mistakes

Chinese and English are very different languages. Good Chinese to English translators must be able to understand the nuances of Chinese source texts as well as effectively express the meaning of these texts in English. If you are a native English speaker and Chinese is your second language, be su...


Tips for translating from Chinese to English Part 1: Avoiding overtranslation

When translating between languages and cultures as different as Chinese and English, the problem is the inadequacy of the target language to express the source. Chinese, with its incredible succinctness, can often express in a couple of characters what seems to need a phrase to say in English. It...


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