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Hard / soft news articles

Deliver hot content to millions of multilingual users with Gengo’s flexible platform. Breaking news articles to viral media posts are delivered with unbelievably fast turnaround times.

Social media posts

Geo-targeted posts are six times more successful than those shared globally.*1 Broaden your brand’s impact with localized social media posts to increase engagement from readers worldwide.

*1 Nieman Lab (2012)

Questions and answers

Quizzes and surveys are perfect content for Gengo, whether you’re conducting research or building something fun. Translate as many or as few words as you need—no minimums or maximums.

Mobile apps & games

The global mobile app market is currently worth over $35 billion and on track to reach $77 billion in 2017.*2 Maximize global visibility and multiply downloads by localizing your mobile app.

*2 (2014)

Our media customers

Social and entertainment news outlet Buzzfeed spreads viral content across the web to its audience of 200 million each day. BuzzFeed leverages Gengo’s flexible, scalable platform to maximize their global visibility.

Popular gaming app QuizUp needed translation at scale with a goal to reach global markets. With Gengo, they translated 20+ million words in under 12 weeks, hitting App Store leaderboards in nine new markets.

New York Times wanted to break into the Chinese market with localized news articles suitable for their target market. Gengo provides them with scalable, on-demand translations with a one-day turnaround time.

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