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Feb 20, 2013

YouTube just made it way easier to get your videos international attention

Trying to get your amazing video more views in other countries? YouTube can help with that, thanks to a new partnership to get your video captions professionally translated. YouTube has already offered caption translations for more than 300 languages using its Google Translate service since September. But if you’ve got a killer video and need people to understand what the dialog actually is, Google Translate may not cut it.

So Google has partnered with translation services Gengo and so their services are accessible from within YouTube. They offer the ability translate professionally in up to 36 languages. When you request that some captions need translation, YouTube will now display these vendors (and eventually more) with how much they cost and estimated delivery date.

After you click on one of the vendors, you will be directed to the vendor’s site where you can place your order. When the vendor is finished, the translations come back to YouTube for you to approve.

Ideally, you’ll get professionally translated captions in a quick fashion and be able to get your video more of a spotlight in other countries you want to make an impact in.

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