Japan Intercultural Consulting, a company founded by internationally renowned Japanese business specialist Rochelle Kopp, offers training and consulting for Japan-related businesses, with services ranging from teambuilding programs to human resources consulting and communication skills seminars. Her clients include small startups and large corporations across all industries, including many major Japanese auto manufacturers (Honda, Toyota, Mazda) and companies in pharmaceuticals, tech and beyond.

In such a fast-paced, international environment, multilingual documents and email play a significant role in her team’s everyday operations. While the team is more than comfortable working in several languages, they sometimes need an extra hand with translation to help get things done.

Translating documents, fast

In the early years of her business, Rochelle and her team would handle by themselves all translation work. As her business grew, however, translating the growing volume of messages and documents became more challenging.

For smaller and more time-sensitive projects in particular, finding available freelance translators and setting up those translation jobs can take a significant amount of time. Rochelle wished for a simple, convenient solution that would enable her to get the translations she needed done quickly, easily and at high quality.

Dividing and conquering with the crowd

In a translation service, of utmost importance to Rochelle and her team is reliability—reliable quality, reliably fast turnaround and round-the-clock availability. Because work never stops for her global team, communication must be clear and quick.

Rochelle discovered Gengo in 2012 and began using it to help with day-to-day translation needs. She was delighted with how it met her expectations of what a translation service should be—requesting a translation for a document or message through Gengo takes just a few minutes—and the quality is excellent. Dividing and conquering translation work with Gengo’s crowd helps support her team without slowing them down.

Today, Japan Intercultural Consulting continues to use Gengo to save time and money as they help clients improve their international working relationships.

Have significant translation needs of your own? Contact us today—we’d love to help.