HomeAway is a world leader in vacation home rentals. With over one million homes hosted on their marketplace in dream destinations around the world, HomeAway naturally serves a multilingual audience, connecting property owners with travelers on every continent.

The team currently offers full language support for HomeAway users in over ten languages, translating everything from their core multilingual property listings to materials like international vacation guides and infographics. HomeAway’s Director of Global Customer Experience Operations Shannon Martin and team use Gengo to translate help articles and email templates to give users a fully localized experience.

Email essentials

Proper translation is critical to growing a company’s conversion rates—research from Common Sense Advisory shows that around 75% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if it’s in their own language. Because their core marketplace is localized, HomeAway is careful to send new and returning users email in their own language as well. Whether transactional messages, marketing newsletters or support templates, the team knows that a great booking experience is in the details. Using Gengo has helped improve both HomeAway’s translation quality and speed, and they now create localized templates faster than ever before.

Fast, global support

HomeAway’s two types of users, travelers and property managers, can quickly find answers on HomeAway’s support page. Translating FAQs and self-serve help documentation keeps customers happy while cutting support costs. In particular, translating answers for common payment and reservation inquiries puts international customers at ease when booking accommodations for special events overseas.

The team’s thoroughness and dedication to giving every user a great experience earns the company top industry awards; they were recently named one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes (2014) and the “best place to live like a local” on a list of the 101 top travel sites worldwide for their unique listings and service.

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