From news to music, dating to photography, you’ll find a mobile app for just about anything. Users worldwide download millions of apps annually, creating a global mobile app market worth over $35 billion and on track to reach around $77 billion in 2017. India-based mobile software company Plackal taps into this international demand by crafting beautiful, easy-to-use apps for multiple uses.

Plackal’s biggest hit, LoveCycles, has reached over three million downloads worldwide, with more than 130,000 daily active users. LoveCycles tops the app store charts in South Korea, Italy, Mexico, United States, Russia and beyond, proof of the power of building apps with high quality human translation for international users.

The need for speed

As a mobile app company, Plackal’s team frequently updates and creates new features for their apps. With these frequent updates come new strings of text, and when Plackal began localizing their apps, it was difficult to find translators who were flexible about word limits and returned translation orders as fast as they made changes.

To keep up with the pace of Plackal’s product development cycle, they need a service that lets them submit orders at will, with the click of a button.

Freedom from word limits

Using Gengo helped Plackal’s team translate their products into all supported languages quickly, no matter how few words they needed to update. Rather than spending weeks negotiating and waiting for orders to return, Plackal could get fresh text back the very same day with Gengo, often within the same hour, making multilingual product updates a snap.

Since Plackal began using Gengo for its multilingual apps, their downloads have tripled worldwide and they’ve built successful customer bases in South Korea, Russia and Italy, among other countries. Plackal is now able to keep its product development current and looks forward to continued growth with help from Gengo.

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