Specializing in accurate, high-quality video captions and competitively priced transcription services, 3PlayMedia provides its customers the tools they need to create accessible, searchable and SEO-friendly videos across a wide range of platforms. With multinational firms like Procter & Gamble, Netflix and T-Mobile among its customers, 3PlayMedia was looking for a simple translation solution that would help their clients’ videos reach an international audience.

By integrating Gengo’s API, 3PlayMedia is now able to take their services a step further and offer translation at scale in 34+ major languages.

One-stop solution

3PlayMedia’s dedication to accuracy and quality sets it a cut above traditional transcription services. Fully synchronized transcriptions that link back to the original media help content owners boost viewer engagement and SEO capabilities, while a variety of video management tools equip users with a one-stop solution for editing and publishing video clips online.

As an example of this, Gengo’s translation API makes it possible for users to place translation orders straight from 3PlayMedia’s platform for direct integration into their videos. A one-hour video can cost between $50 to $200 to translate into one language, with the full cost instantly quoted on 3PlayMedia’s order form.


Tearing down barriers

While video is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication on the Internet, it’s still not nearly as searchable as text. Enabling users to search for the most appealing content is vital to helping customers optimize their videos for search.

As 70% of Internet users are non-native English speakers, every caption that goes untranslated fails to reach these potential markets. Video content is particularly susceptible to language barriers, too—many viewers would be unable to follow without interactive captioning. Text must be translated to match the tone, humor and emotion displayed in a video, which is something that can’t be handled by machine translation alone.

Traditionally, video translation is expensive and requires high personal interaction and project management. Our goal was to streamline the workflow and make the process as scalable and cost-effective as our captioning and transcription services.

—Chris Antunes, Vice President of Operations, 3PlayMedia

Gengo’s high-quality, fast, simple, human translation platform was the perfect solution for 3PlayMedia’s needs. With just a single click, users can upload their content and professionally translate it into the languages of their choice.