Prisma International is a Minneapolis-based LSP and cultural consulting firm that helps enterprise clients create global customer engagement. Gengo is one vendor among many that Prisma uses for specific types of translation and localization projects. After searching for a partner that could provide customers with more rapid responses for their orders, Senior Project Managers Kael Johnson, Christopher Rupp and team decided to give Gengo a shot.


Speedy and scale-friendly

The Prisma team is a small but adventurous, well-traveled group. Altogether, they speak a dozen languages and have lived all over the world, including Japan, France, Morocco, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Mauritius and Guatemala. In short, their team deeply appreciates the need for fast, quality translation. They discovered Gengo while looking for a solution to a specific customer challenge—translating quickly, at scale. Because two of Prisma’s team members are active Gengo translators, they were able to provide insight about how Gengo works, making the decision to partner an easy one.

Prisma first used Gengo for a particular set of recurring, high-volume projects that required a fast turnaround, translating approximately 18,000 words in less than 3 days every week for 10 months—the only Prisma vendor that could accommodate that volume.

A team favorite

Despite partnering with many companies, Gengo ranks as one of Prisma’s favorites. Notes the team, “Gengo’s flexibility and willingness to partner on creating custom solutions has been remarkable. All Gengo team members—from project managers to developers—have been knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic.“ Gengo’s work as the sole vendor of the project mentioned above (18k words every week) resulted in >50% cost savings for Prisma’s largest client.

Right now, Prisma is working with Gengo’s developers to integrate the Gengo API with their own proprietary localization platform. This will enable Prisma clients to submit one-click rush requests via the client portal for guaranteed delivery within two hours.

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