Social media puts the world at our fingertips, but users on popular networks are far from monolingual. Twitter alone has 255 million active users, and 77% of them are located outside of the US. To help you connect with multilingual Twitter followers, Germany-based Fliplingo made tweeting in multiple languages effortless.

Finding a Customizable Translation Platform

After cutting ties with a translation agency, Fliplingo had trouble finding a simple translation API to integrate with their service. As time went on, their team found that companies with extensive support and a shared passion for quality, efficiency and affordability were scarce.

One Click Tweeting for Customers

Gengo’s easy-to-use platform proved to be the perfect solution for Fliplingo. With extensive client libraries and documentation, plugging in Gengo’s API was as simple as copy and paste. For additional support, if Fliplingo’s developers ran into any problems, Gengo’s dedicated integrations team was there to help.

On the customer side, when combined with Gengo’s straightforward pricing, Fliplingo is able to provide a seamless experience for customers. After users submit a tweet to Fliplingo, everything is automatic—from sending tweets to Gengo to posting them in multiple languages to Twitter handles. In the end, Fliplingo’s customers don’t need to worry about creating translation workflows and are free to focus on the big picture.

Fliplingo’s translations through Gengo have a near 100% customer approval rate, and users can select from any one of Gengo’s 34+ languages.