The Challenge

ShapeUp wanted to localize their website and platform for multinational and non-English speaking clients. A solution that relies on communication and establishing strong connections, ShapeUp needed to translate their 55,000+ word service into 23 different languages as efficiently as possible. Not only were quick and professional translations required, but ShapeUp also needed a reliable and user-friendly tool to help them manage these new languages in parallel and incorporate them into their platform with ease.

The Solution

Gengo’s service, exactly fit ShapeUp’s translation services needs. Because of the large volume of content to translate, Gengo’s ability to scale low cost, but accurate and professional translations allowed ShapeUp to translate their platform and manage their project in a tight, short timeline.

Gengo’s flexibility and ability to adapt to ShapeUp’s requirements was key to considering the best match for the undertaking. Though a few of ShapeUp’s desired languages were not provided standard by Gengo’s, they were specially provided at the same low cost. This made Gengo the obvious choice for ShapeUp’s localization requirements.

Using Gengo, ShapeUp was able to translate its platform into 23 different languages. String helped them manage the project easily and efficiently, allowing for quick localization and helped launch services that are adaptable to their clients needs.

After completing the project with Gengo, ShapeUp is better positioned to cater to an international market, and was immediately able to serve a large global company. With ShapeUp’s services accessible in many different languages, their new clients will be able to improve health and fitness worldwide.