Bablic + Gengo = Hassle-free website translation

Some 73% of internet users aren’t browsing sites in English, making it pivotal for brands to adjust their online offering to fit global audiences. Research indicates that website localization boosts web traffic, business credibility, search engine visibility and, ultimately, bottom-line revenue. However, the process of website translation can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking.

Bablic is a unique solution that allows website owners to perform full-site translation by simply pasting a snippet of code into their native site. Bablic has developed a user-friendly platform that allows website owners to translate both static and dynamic web content at the click of a button. Using this tool requires no prior programming experience or a project management team, effectively letting users handle the entire localization process from within the web editor.

Users can choose between machine, human translation or invite their own team onto the project, select the languages they wish to translate into, and adjust text, images and CSS/design to their liking. Changes are automatically implemented to ensure that terms, jokes and references aren’t lost in translation.

The integration between Bablic and Gengo gives website owners direct access to our team of over 18,000 native speakers. Users can select Gengo by clicking the “Human Translation” option at the top-left of the editor to generate a quote. With Gengo’s scalable human-powered platform combined with Bablic’s intuitive user interface, website owners can accomplish the daunting task of website localization in less than a day.

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Alex Nguyen

The author

Alex Nguyen

Alex crafts and coordinates content for Gengo’s marketing team. Based in San Francisco after a brief stint in Tokyo, she loves all things culture and design. When not at Gengo, she’s likely brushing up on her Japanese, letting loose at indie electronic shows or trying out new ice cream spots in the city.

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