Sandbox spring cleaning

Every six weeks, members of Gengo’s engineering team take a day off from their usual schedules to work on a project of their choosing away from the office.

At our last such event—known as a hackathon—one of our engineers, Toshi, decided to give our API sandbox environment a facelift since it had remained much the same for the past few years and was beginning to show its age.

The old Sandbox UI

The Gengo API Sandbox is a testing environment designed to provide a space for developers to test their API integrations before ordering real translations and hence avoid spending real money!

The updated sandbox has a sleek new user interface based on our mobile-friendly style guide. We’ve also streamlined the process of taking actions on jobs to simulate the translation process—what used to take three clicks now only takes one.

Actions which can be taken on an individual job

In addition to these changes, we’ve fixed a number of old bugs that could sometimes cause issues when updating account preferences.

We hope the new sandbox will make it even easier to integrate with Gengo and help you begin ordering translations at scale.


David Gilbert

The author

David Gilbert

David is Gengo’s Product Manager. He was born in the United Kingdom and has lived in London, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In his free time he enjoys exploring culture, design and technology in Asia and writing about it on his blog.

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