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Translation memory (TM) is a system that stores previously translated content and makes it available to translators for reuse. For companies with highly repetitive content, it can be a powerful tool to improve speed, consistency and cost effectiveness.

It’s something that has long been utilized within the translation industry and, over the past few months, we’ve been testing an improved Gengo-flavored version that we’ve integrated with our translation workbench.

Gengo’s TM system provides a collaborative environment for our community of 20,000+ translators to take advantage of each other’s knowledge and add value to a company’s existing corpus of translations.

Ecommerce companies translating product descriptions can typically expect 15–30% of their content to be repetitive. By utilizing TM, they can experience reduced turnaround times as well as quality gains through consistency when the same translations are reused.

To ensure consistency and quality are maintained, we’ve put in place tracking mechanisms and periodic cleansing to prevent poor translations from propagating within each TM. We’re working hard on additional controls to further minimize this issue.

If you’re interested in learning more about how TM could help you or have an existing one you’d like to reuse, please contact our sales team.


David Gilbert

The author

David Gilbert

David is Gengo’s Product Manager. He was born in the United Kingdom and has lived in London, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In his free time he enjoys exploring culture, design and technology in Asia and writing about it on his blog.

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