Gengo + WPML = Multilingual support for WordPress

WordPress now powers 25% of all websites. According to recently published results from a web survey conducted by W3Techs, over 60 million websites run on the popular open source publishing platform, accounting for nearly one quarter of the entire web. WordPress is not only the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market, but it’s also the fastest growing.

As WordPress continues to grow exponentially on a global scale, there is an increasing need for proper multilingual capabilities. And in a time where businesses engage in heavy competition across markets, you don’t want to miss out on any potential customers simply because you’re leaving them out of the conversation.

Now, with the WPML plugin, site admins can easily send content to Gengo and publish into multiple languages from within the WordPress platform. WPML is the most popular multilingual plugin with over 400,000 WordPress sites currently running the plugin. It’s a highly functional tool that’s powerful enough for complex corporate sites, yet simple enough for the everyday blog.

Using the WPML translation dashboard, site admins can send content directly to Gengo’s community of over 18,000 qualified translators. When translations are complete, they appear back on your side, ready for publishing. With one simple installation, you can easily access Gengo’s powerful platform to translate your website into over 30 languages.

Go global with Gengo’s people-powered translation platform.

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Alex Nguyen

The author

Alex Nguyen

Alex crafts and coordinates content for Gengo’s marketing team. Based in San Francisco after a brief stint in Tokyo, she loves all things culture and design. When not at Gengo, she’s likely brushing up on her Japanese, letting loose at indie electronic shows or trying out new ice cream spots in the city.

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