The best LinkedIn groups for localization managers to join

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn is a recruitment and social networking site where members can connect with their colleagues and other professionals in the same industry. LinkedIn groups are one feature that helps users find professionals to connect with and discuss the latest business trends. Here are the best LinkedIn groups that we recommend for localization managers.

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LinkedIn Groups for Localization Managers

  • Localization Professional (31,000+ members): This is a LinkedIn group for translation, localization, and globalization professionals to expand their network and ideas. Find new colleagues, share information, and discuss the latest translation and localization news here.
  • SMAP Interpretation, Translation & Localization (6,600+ members): This is a LinkedIn group for localization managers, project managers, writers, translators, and editors. Let’s connect people and companies working in translation and localization, and discuss best practices, trends, and issues.
  • Translation Management Systems (TMS) (5,400+ members): In this LinkedIn group, you’ll find the latest news and thought leadership related to translation management system technologies. The group should be a useful resource, and all conversations are moderated and require review.
  • Certified Translation Professional Group (33,000+ members): This LinkedIn group was established by the Global Translation Institute in 2009 to provide tools and training to professional translators, and people looking to enter the translation and localization industry. The Global Translation Institute is an industry association which has over 29,000 members globally from over 50 countries and is the sponsor of the CTP certificate program.

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