The Mobile App Localization Market

In many parts of the world, mobile is the only way to engage with customers. Fully localized mobile apps lead to more downloads, more customers and more purchases. Maximizing your mobile app’s ROI means taking your marketing strategy overseas.

In our latest report, you’ll discover:

  • Facts & figures on the global app market
  • Key markets for app localization
  • Business insights and success stories
  • Mobile app localization challenges

It’s completely free, and ready to download now from Gengo.

Alex Nguyen

The author

Alex Nguyen

Alex crafts and coordinates content for Gengo’s marketing team. Based in San Francisco after a brief stint in Tokyo, she loves all things culture and design. When not at Gengo, she’s likely brushing up on her Japanese, letting loose at indie electronic shows or trying out new ice cream spots in the city.

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