The milestones of a Gengo translator

At Gengo, every translator’s progress is important to us — whether you’re a novice translator who needs to gain more experience or a seasoned translator who appreciates having a flexible, location-independent career. We’re grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success over the years, and we’d like to recognize and reward your progress. Here are the goals and milestones we’ve set for our full-time and part-time translators — something to strive for and achieve during your time with Gengo.

Pro translator

Gengo has a two-part testing process for aspiring translators consisting of a multiple choice (MC) test and a written test. Candidates may take one of two paths. The first: if you’re a beginner translator who passes the MC test, you may proceed to taking the Standard level written test. The second: if you’re a more experienced translator who can easily pass the MC test, you may go straight to taking the Pro test without taking the Standard test. To find out what to expect and how to pass the Gengo tests, visit our Translator Resources page.

Why aspire to be a Pro translator? Having this qualification has its advantages. First of all, it’s a great way to earn more income since Pro translators can access Pro-level jobs. Rates vary depending on the language pair, but they’re always higher than Standard translation rates. Second, being a Pro translator can help you hone your skills and expand your expertise. You’ll have access to professional content that requires specialized knowledge and get the chance to translate business presentations, articles, reports, guides, among others. If you’re relatively new to translation, being a Pro translator can help you find your niche.

*Fun fact: In the last three months, we’ve had a total of 1,828 active translators with Pro qualifications.

Preferred Translator

Whether you’re a Standard or a Pro translator who wishes to gain more access to collections, being a Preferred Translator (PT) is the key that opens more doors. As a PT, you’ll enjoy priority access to jobs and you’ll get the chance to work on jobs exclusively assigned by the Projects Team. To become a PT, read these valuable tips from Gengo translators themselves.

*Fun fact: Out of all active translators in the past three months, 93% are preferred for at least one customer.


Another great milestone to aim and strive for is achieving the Gengo Wordsmith status. Translators who have translated 500,000 units across all their language pairs will earn the title of a Gengo Wordsmith and receive a Gengo Translator t-shirt from us. For those who don’t mind being in the spotlight, a special feature on our Facebook page awaits.

*Fun fact: Since this initiative started in December 2013, we now have a total of 393 esteemed Wordsmiths in our ranks!

Apart from providing excellent translation quality and keeping your scores high, remember that maintaining good relationships with customers through effective communication will help you achieve these milestones faster during your time as a Gengo translator.

Which of these milestones are you aiming for now and which of them have you achieved? Tell us in the comments!

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Lara Fernández

The author

Lara Fernández

Originally from Spain, Lara is Gengo’s Community Manager and a globetrotting yogini (TTC200) with deep roots in Japan, where she lived for seven years before moving to Morocco with her family. She is passionate about languages, traveling, and all things yoga.

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