Seven sites and blogs every freelance translator should read

As the language industry keeps evolving, translation and localization professionals should continue learning and growing. To support the fourth fastest-growing industry in the U.S., translation and localization companies are looking for more and more professionals and freelance translators that can keep up with current trends and translation technologies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced freelance translator, these sites and blogs by seasoned translators and language professionals should be on your bookmarked list:

1. Thoughts on Translation

Featuring articles, podcasts, and videos covering languages, translation and interpreting, this blog won Community’s Choice award for best blog about translation in 2016. Corinne McKay, an ATA-certified French to English translator and author of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, has been running this valuable resource for freelance translators since 2008.

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2. Translation Times

Written by twin sisters Judy and Dagmar Jenner who are translators and interpreters in multiple languages, this blog offers practical advice on rate negotiations and cancellation policy, plus tips for professional development. They also update their followers about the latest translation conferences and workshops, translation programs and job opportunities.

3. Translation Rules

Created by the author of the book Translation Rules: 40 ways to attract clients, stay focused, and find success as a freelance translator, this blog covers a variety of topics that can resonate with and benefit freelance translators and language professionals. Spanish language consultant and author Clint Tustison writes content about translation rules, freelance life, and the translation industry in general. If you’re in the U.S., you may also search for translation jobs based on your location.

4. Business School for Translators

If you’re a translator looking to promote your services effectively and need help on the business side of your freelance career, then this site is perfect for you. It offers a wealth of valuable free resources such as downloadable lessons, courses, webinars, and videos. The creator Marta Stelmaszak is a Polish and English translator and interpreter specializing in law, IT, marketing and business. She is also the co-head of the U.K. chapter of the International Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators.

5. Marketing Tips for Translators

Voted as’s best overall professional translator’s website in 2017, this site boasts podcasts, free ebooks, courses, and webinars for translators to achieve a successful freelance career and lifestyle. The brains behind this portal is Tess Whitty, a freelance English to Swedish translator who loves sharing valuable marketing tips and business know-how to fellow members of the translation community.

6. Speaking of Translation

Featuring audio files, this blog is run by two translation and localization experts who address issues about being a freelancer and discuss different topics related to the language industry. Their followers may also subscribe to their iTunes podcast feed which is supplemented by this blog.

7. Between Translations

A blog by German to English translator Jayne Fox, Between Translations is a source full of useful articles for both novice and experienced translators alike — from tips on pricing your translation services to tips on translating for a global audience. She also dedicates one section of her blog to translation tools with step-by-step guides to using popular CAT tools, such as SDL Trados.

Do you have your own translation blog? What other good sites do you follow? Share your recommendations with us!

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