TexTurner + Gengo = Translation as easy as chat

Here at Gengo, we know that global companies need content translated quickly and frequently to get their messages across. We also know that many teams use chat tools like Slack to communicate effectively.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with TexTurner that enables users to integrate translation tools directly into their team’s Slack chat workflow. Now, you can give your whole team the ability to order professional translation with just a few keystrokes.

TexTurner with Gengo empowers your marketers to sell in any language, gives your customer service agents the ability to serve customers across the globe, and allows your sales force to impress international clients with native-level communication, all faster and easier than ever before.

Getting started is easy. Simply follow the setup instructions and then type a simple command into your Slack channel.

See the integration in action:

TexTurner-Video (1)

Give TexTurner + Gengo a try today, and get $5 in free translation.


Adam Emsley

The author

Adam Emsley

Adam is Gengo's Head of Technical Integrations. Born in Canada, he's lived in Japan for eight years and has the honor of being Gengo's first employee. He loves celestial navigation techniques, long seafaring voyages and tropical islands.

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