Introducing the best online translation services


Are you looking for an online translation service? Here are the best online translation services that can quickly and accurately translate your content in any format. Whether you’re looking to translate social media posts or complicated medical reports, the following online translation services have got you covered.


Online translation services


Day Translations is an online translation service that supports over 100 languages (see the full list of available languages here). You can get a free quote from Day Translations within 10 minutes by filling out their form here.


Gengo supports 35+ languages and 70+ language combinations (see the full list of available languages here). Standard translation tasks start at $0.06 per word, and advanced translation tasks start at $0.12 per word. The customer satisfaction rating across all translation jobs is 97.6%. Translation jobs are completed as quickly as 15 minutes for short requests.  


One Hour Translation supports 95+ languages, starting at $0.087 per word for business translation and $0.144 per word for expert translation. Small translation projects are usually completed under an hour, and large-scale projects are usually completed within a few days.


Lionbridge is a 20-year-old online translation service with a lot of experience. They now translate 273 million units per month, including highly technical content such as clinical trial translations, financial reports, and e-discovery.


Textmaster supports over 50 languages, starting at €0.08 per word for translation, €0.12 for enterprise translation, and €0.16 for expert translation. They average a 24 hour turnaround time, and maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate.


Transifex is a web-based translation and globalization management platform. Their pricing plan includes five different subscription options, ranging from the starter plan at $139 per month, to pro plan at $1,549 per month.


Unbabel is an artificial intelligence powered human translation platform, using both machine and huma translation. Their pricing plan is subscription-based, and fees depend on the content type and volume that you are translating.

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