The Best Facebook Groups for Translators

Social media has gained popularity over the years for business purposes, and the translation industry is no exception. Here are the best active Facebook groups for you to join for your professional development.

Join these Facebook groups today to connect with other translators in your language pair. The groups serve as virtual communities where people answer each other’s questions, have discussions, and share translation resources with each other. These Facebook groups are encouraging for both students who are starting out, and experienced translators.

Facebook Groups for Translators

  • Medical Translation and Interpretation Crew: This is a Facebook group for translators to learn, share resources, and support each other. You can post any translation-related questions, concerns, or comments as long as you respect others and their points of views. The group is administered by a certified English/Spanish medical interpreter.
  • Freelance Translators: This Facebook group is the melting pot of leading freelance translators around the world. The group is intended for all freelance translators, in-house translators, and freelance writers. Members can post translation jobs, share resources and contact each other directly.
  • Translation Tools: Do you need some help on the use of the current translation-related technologies? This Facebook group helps translators deal with any technical queries relating to translation software, CAT tools, computers, etc., in a supportive environment.
  • Interpreters, Translators & Language Professionals: This Facebook group is dedicated to training and raising industry standards for language professionals. Members including people who interpreters and translators for legal, medical, commercial, scientific, language teaching, etc.
  • Things Translators Never Say: For the last one, here’s a Facebook group just for fun. This group is for freelance translators and interpreters to share tongue in cheek ideas about things that we would never ever say. For instance, when clients send ridiculous enquiries, if non-translators or non-interpreters try to explain our business, or simply when we are fed up and need to vent.

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