Our community, by the numbers in 2020

In November of last year, we announced possibly the biggest news since Gengo’s acquisition by Lionbridge at the beginning of 2019: the acquisition of Lionbridge.ai by TELUS International. Starting this month, we begin a separation of our platform — translation-specific technologies will continue an integration with Lionbridge, and AI-specific technologies will go on to become the Telus AI platform. Exciting times ahead!

In our perpetual quest for kaizen – continuous improvement, 2020 saw us make great strides in being even more active on social media, regularly engaging with our translators on the forums by providing industry-related topics for discussion, collecting feedback, and taking action accordingly. We empowered you to make better choices about your activity on the platform with brand new emails showcasing weekly language pair statistics, taking the meaning of transparency to a whole new level. We proudly took on Lionbridge colors in the redesign of our login/signup page and most of our customer-facing content, and we launched the Millionaire campaign, a new milestone of progression to reward our most dedicated translators. But most importantly, we had a lot of fun working with each and every one of you!

Last year witnessed the spread of the still ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19, but we remained strong throughout, together. As we reflect on last year’s learnings, we can’t help but to feel incredibly grateful for your hard work, commitment, and dedication within these adverse times. We did it, we’re here, it’s 2021 and we’re ready to keep on breaking barriers and building bridges together. 


Lara Fernández

The author

Lara Fernández

Originally from Spain, Lara is Gengo’s Community Manager and a globetrotting yogini (TTC200) with deep roots in Japan, where she lived for seven years before moving to Morocco with her family. She is passionate about languages, traveling, and all things yoga.

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