Our community, by the numbers 2018

Happy new year! This blog post is dedicated to the entire translator community — let’s take time to appreciate all of the hard work and notable achievements in 2018. We were extremely proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gengo and the billionth processed word. We also launched Gengo.ai in March 2018, which allows us to provide a new, diverse set of non-translation tasks.

Today, we at Gengo would like to express our gratitude to the translator community who made possible all of our accomplishments and successes in the past year. The new year marks and opportunity for us to reflect on these past achievements while looking ahead toward the future.

2019 is already starting off strong, and we have plans for further expansion and improvement. We’re excited to see what we can achieve together as a community in this year.



Rei Morikawa

The author

Rei Morikawa

Rei writes content for Gengo’s website, blog articles, and social media. Born and raised in Tokyo, but also studied abroad in the US. A huge people person, and passionate about long-distance running, traveling, and discovering new music on Spotify.

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