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Interview with Catawiki Localization Managers Emily Ingham & Virginia Laghi: How to provide cheap, fast, quality localization services

Interview with Emily Ingham and Virginia Laghi, localization managers at Catawiki, discussing their localization strategy and how they make important decisions about localization projects.


What are the best platforms to find freelance translators?

More and more people are turning to freelance work as a source of income. As a result, the employment of remote workers is a major opportunity for businesses looking to improve their ROI. This is particularly true in the translation sector, where the number of freelance translators is exploding. ...


How much does translation cost?

The translation industry is notoriously opaque when it comes to pricing. Until recently, there were only two options if you needed a translation: somehow do it yourself, or ask a specialist. Traditional translation agencies have made the most of their captive market, adding hidden costs and creat...


Which languages should I localize my website into?

If you localize your website into a foreign language, you could seize the opportunity to attract a new customer base that speaks that language. This would allow you to also provide a better experience for your existing customers. 1.5 billion people in the world speak English, but only 360 million...


Translation at the World Cup

The 2018 World Cup Russia is in full swing — and billions of people worldwide are tuning in to cheer on their favorite teams. While language is something that usually divides people, the World Cup is an event that undoubtedly brings the world together. And for global brands in particular, the Wor...


Basics: Using glossaries for consistency, clarity

Need help using Gengo? Hitting a snag with text translation or site localization? In this series we’re taking it back to the basics. Instead of repeatedly explaining terms in the comments section, you can maintain term consistency across multiple translation jobs by using a glossary. A glossary i...


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