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Basics: What localization terms do you need to know?

Localization (or L10n) involves translation, but its main goal is to make a product feel like it has been created especially for a specific target market. For example, when translating content from Japanese into English, there are other considerations that won’t always be included in the translat...


Basics: Translation vs. Localization

The language services industry loves making things complicated. What’s transcreation? What about localization? Are they the same, and which service do I need for my business?


How translation services help avoid miscommunication

Whether you’re operating a travel website, ecommerce business or anything in between achieving operation excellence both externally with customers and internally with your own employees depends upon communication. And good communication depends upon speaking the “same language” — both figurativel...


The “Internet of Things” and the need for translation services

The Internet of Things is a product design megatrend that is impacting how both new and old companies innovate and turn designs into the next breakthrough. And as more IoT companies expand globally, the need for translation services that communicate critical data will also increase. Yet for many ...


Top 8 global consumer trends you should know in 2018

Despite the abundance of information, the consumer remains harder than ever to understand. In 2018, we see traditional life-stage progressions no longer conforming to rigid patterns, and may not even feature in consumer lives. Brands have new opportunities to optimize products, prices, engagement...


Setting goals for localization success in 2018

The new year is right around the corner! Hopefully, your business is finishing off strong. As you look toward 2018, you’ll find that it’s worthwhile to get all your localization goals and plans settled early. With a clearly defined list of objectives, you and your team will stride into the new ye...


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