The guide to global social media

Social media has become a necessity for marketers. It provides brands with a low-cost platform to directly connect with customers. While a lot of companies have established a solid strategy in their native tongue, they’re leaving out the rest of the world—and that’s a significant slice of the pie. Worldwide, there are three billion people online, and social media marketing allows you to reach them all. But where do you start?

We are proud to introduce our guide to global social media, written with our partner Fliplingo, a translation service specializing in online content. The guide contains key information not just on why you should expand your social efforts overseas, but how.

Another tip: use the guide in conjunction with Fliplingo’s Language Report, which analyzes what languages your Facebook and Twitter audiences speak. This will help you target your existing international followers.

Think Gengo + Fliplingo is a good fit for helping you take your social media strategy overseas? Contact us today.


Emily Benson

The author

Emily Benson

Bostonian turned Tokyoite, Emily handles enterprise marketing at Gengo. Passionate about translation, she joined Gengo after working with Lionbridge, the world's largest language company. When she isn't adding stamps to her passport, she can be found learning all sorts of languages, from Hebrew and Japanese to Klingon (nuqneH!).

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