Introducing the Gengo Manila team

FEBRUARY 2017 — Last September 2016, Gengo opened its third office as part of the company’s long-term expansion plans to meet the needs and expectations of our growing customer base and translator community. The preference for the Philippines is an easy one. The country has been playing a crucial role in helping tech start-ups, particularly American companies planning to scale efficiently and sustainably. Manila also continues to be a source of talent with high-end and middle-level skills.

In the Gengo Manila branch, you can find our Customer Support team and members of the Sales team, Engineering and Quality Assurance team, Operations, and Project Management team. In total, 18 team members (and still growing) make up our talented and fun-loving home in the heart of the Philippine capital.

From left (back row): Mark Javier, Stella Bautista, Ella Suiza, Jacob Solano, Mark Abadia, Daryl Penetrante, Lian Sunaz, Rizza Gonzaga and Hazel Yap; Front row: Jeff Feliz, MJ Esporas, Earl Sunaz, Ryan Vasquez, Kenneth Fernando and James Marturillas

We interviewed five key team members from different departments and here’s what they have to say about their Gengo experience so far.

What drew you to the company?

Curiosity at first. My first question was, “how the heck does someone sell translations?” But when I had my first interview with Spencer, the Head of Sales, I knew it was more of the culture that Gengo brings. You can see the passion and the enthusiasm when he starts talking about the company and true enough, everything that he told me about the company is true, from the CEO being very open throughout the whole company about what direction Gengo is taking to the way the company cares about the employees.

– Mark Javier, Senior Sales Operations Manager


What do you think makes Gengo a great place to work?

Aside from the fun atmosphere in the office, what I like most about Gengo is its culture of collaboration. It is common to hear that one project is successful because of the inputs of different teams, across different countries and across different timezones.

– Mark Abadia, Office Manager


What have been some of your challenges, and how have you overcome them?

We usually receive requests from clients that are beyond our limitations. These projects require me to dig deeper into my creativity and resourcefulness. By researching the best options available, asking my fellow Project Managers for tips and advice, and applying the skills I learned, it has helped me tailor the best solutions for my client’s needs.

– Lian Sunaz, Project Manager

From left: Mark Javier, Kenneth Fernando, Mark Abadia, Earl Sunaz and Lian Sunaz

What do you like most about your role?

Learning new things and applying what I have learned is something that I really like about my role. Also, overcoming challenges when creating and implementing new processes to improve the current system is a great learning opportunity for us in the Translator Operations Team.

– Kenneth Fernando, Translator Operations Admin


What are you most excited about your future at Gengo?

Gengo continues to grow, and I’m excited to grow along with it. I’d love to see new challenges, find ways to overcome them, and just learn from the whole experience. I’m also looking forward to meeting new and veteran Gengons and learning from all of them.

– Earl Sunaz, Technical Support


What makes the Manila office unique?

Earl: “The Manila office has a very lax environment, making it a fun workplace; far from the usual office setting I used to have.”

Lian: “Unlike the traditional office environment, the Gengo Manila office gives me a very relaxed vibe.”

Kenneth: “For me, Manila office is very unique simply because of its people; people who are really enjoyable to work with.”

Mark Abadia: “Aside from the fun atmosphere, the Manila office also gives out a relaxing vibe that is very conducive for working. There is also a very strong bond between the employees, help is always available when you need it. We are one family.”

Mark Javier: “What makes the Manila office unique is the love that the employees have for the company. There are employees who actually uprooted themselves from their hometowns to live in Manila just to continue working with Gengo. The dedication each employee has for their work is simply amazing.”

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Main image by Patricia Feaster via Flickr under CC


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Jenie Gabriel

Jenie creates and coordinates content for Gengo's marketing team. Originally from the Philippines, she was an advertising creative in Singapore before moving to Tokyo. In her spare time, you’ll find her wandering around the city or planning her next escapade.

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