How Long Does Translation Take?

There are a lot of wild estimates for translation project timelines floating around on the Internet. Many of them are based primarily on the number of words that a given translator can translate in a single sitting, with estimates ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 words a day. Unfortunately, the realit...


The best LinkedIn groups for localization managers to join

LinkedIn groups are one feature that helps users find professionals to connect with and discuss the latest business trends. Here are the best LinkedIn groups that we recommend for localization managers.



8 Free Tools For Translators to Boost Quality and Productivity

In this blog post, let's focus on translation quality and productivity. With these two goals in mind, I’ve put together a list of 8 tools that will help you produce better translations more efficiently without breaking your piggy bank.


Introducing the best online translation services

Introducing best online translation services that can quickly and accurately translate your content in any format.



The Best Facebook Groups for Translators

Social media has gained popularity over the years for business purposes, and the translation industry is no exception. Here are the best active Facebook groups for you to join for your professional development. Join these Facebook groups today to connect with other translators in your language pa...



6 best LinkedIn bloggers in the translation & localization industry

These 6 LinkedIn influencers share the latest news on translation and localization, through insightful thought leadership articles on their LinkedIn blogs.


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